What is a Kurta?

A kurta is a kind of loose shirt which is also a traditional form of clothing worn in some countries like India, Pakistan and more. But it is gaining popularity in western countries as well as it is a very comfortable outfit. A kurta can be worn by both the genders i.e. by both men and women.

A kurta is a loose shirt whose length falls around the knees of the wearer. The shorter version of the kurta is called as a kurti. A kurta forms the upper part of the dress and it can be paired with a loose salwar, churidar pants or even trousers to form the complete dress.

A traditional kurta is a very comfortable outfit and is made from rectangular pieces of fabric. The front and the back pieces of a simple traditional kurta are rectangular. Also, sleeves falls straight to the wrist in a traditional kurta and the sleeves do not narrow down in a traditional kurta. A traditional kurta don’t even have a collar and the neck is normally round.

A number of modifications have been introduced to improve the look of the kurta. You can have embroidery, buttons of different styles on a kurta to make it look more graceful. You can remove the sleeves, reduce the length of the sleeves or even include a stand up collar to improve the appearance of the kurta. Different fabrics can be used to make different kurtas. Silk, cotton are used to make kurtas which are to be worn during the summer season where as thick fabric like wool is used for kurtas to be worn during winter season.

A kurta can also be used on a number of occasions. A simple kurta is a perfect outfit for everyday life because of the comfort which the wearer can enjoy by wearing it whereas a kurta with an appealing embroidery work, wooden or metal buttons, collar, artificial jewels, can be used for formal events.

To summarize, a kurta is a comfortable outfit which is equally popular among the young and the elderly people. A kurta can be used on a number of occasions as it is possible to enhance the appearance of the kurta by using a number of accessories like buttons, jewels and more.