What is a Sari?

Sari is one of the most common outfits used by the women of India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. The exact origin of the sari is not known but researchers have successfully shown the existence of sari during the Indus Valley civilization.

Sari is the national dress for the women of India. A sari is basically a long strip of cloth and the length of the sari varies from four to nine meters. There are a number of different styles in which you can wear a sari and in the most common style, you need to wrap the sari around your waist and you are then required to drape the other end over the shoulder baring the midriff. The petticoat and the blouse are also used with a sari. The blouse forms the upper garment while the sari is worn over the top of the petticoat. The blouse has short sleeves, low neck and it can be backless or of a halter neck style. A blouse is also known as a choli.

There are a number of western wears available in the market but sari is still one of the most popular outfits in India. A large variety of saris is available in the Indian market and the different saris differ from each other on the basis of design, fabric, drapes and colors.

In India, each region has its own unique sari style and so, a large variety of sari is available and some of the well-known ones are-

  • Banarasi and Chikan sari forms the northern style.
  • Ikta, Jamdani and Baluchari sari forms the eastern style.
  • Paithani, Bandhani and Lugade sari forms the western style.
  • Chanderi sari forms the central style.
  • Gadwal, Venkatagiri, Mangalagiri and Guntur sari forms the southern style.

Though there is a large variety of outfits available in the market but no other dress can show the elegance and dignity as much as a sari can. A sari is a graceful outfit which is not cut or stiched for a particular size and so, it has an age old charm. A sari can be used for formal events, dinner, parties and on many more occasions. A sari has always been a favorite outfit for Indian women and it will continue to do so as it is possible to introduce a number of alterations to enhance the appearance.